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The New American Media
Mission Statement:

From sports to spirituality, comedy to Congress, & freedom to firearms.

We are interested in life, and want to study and learn from smart people in history, and modern times.

In the realm of sports, this site focuses on the Cleveland Browns, Cleveland Indians, Cleveland Cavaliers & THE Ohio State University when we discuss all things sports.

We are looking for content contributors, and interns to help locate, and link relevant information on this site along with our Twitter site, Youtube site, Facebook site, & more.

The NEW American media is a tight knit band of citizen journalists who acknowledge their bias and opinions while chasing stories, letting other people talk, minimizing ridicule, and trying to have a civil conversation with people who may be polar opposites.

We can “Agree to Disagree” about all topics from sports to politics, like the title of one of our radio shows. We try to seek common ground and improve life in the United States of America.

The New American Media

Note: Retweets, opinion columnists, radio guests, videos we like, videos we dislike, videos we embed or comment on, do not necessarily reflect the values or endorsement of anybody affiliated with The New American Media.

We seek truth, and must hear many other opinions before we can make an educated opinion of our own.

Deal with it, or look away.

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