Mara Marini Discusses Gay Marriage Vs. Civil Unions W/ Brian Engelman At Politicon

Brian Engelman of The New American Media chats with actress Mara Marini at the 2015 Politicon.

They cover:
– Gay Marriage vs. Civil Unions
– How political the entertainment industry is behind the scenes,
& Much more!

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Politicon is a non partisan comic-con style event for politics and entertainment.

Panels, Debates, TV & Movie screenings, Live Radio, Podcasts, Comedy Shows, Q&A’s, Book Readings, Interviews, Meet & Greets, Art Exhibitions, Music Performances.

We have over 12 rooms ranging from 50 seaters to 3500 capacity at the downtown Los Angeles convention center. We are programming the event like a music festival with various events happening at the same time.

It’s up to you to pick your events – maybe a discussion between Newt Gingrich and David Axelrod or a Q&A with James Carville after a screening of the movie ‘The War Room’. Or watch Hugh Hewitt chat live on his radio show with his special guests.

The mix of politics and entertainment is everywhere, from the new season of Veep and House Of Cards, to a new political TV network, or political biography.

The audience for Politicon will be coming from all sides of the political spectrum.

We have created a platform for media of all types to present their own events: maybe a panel of fictional presidents, or a meeting of great minds for a debate on a difficult subject, to a a display of photography of political leaders. There are so many ideas for events we will need a week !

DownTown Los Angeles Convention Center, 1201 S Figueroa St,
9th & 10th October 2015 – See you there.

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For media inquiries, please contact:

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POLITICON is not affiliated with any political organizations, parties or PACS, Ticket sales do not support any political affiliations and we are a completely non-partisan organization.

Mayan Calendar, Jon Hammar, Sandy Hook, Hillary, Benghazi & More W/ Blake Walley & Brian Engelman

Once again, Blake “The Eccentric” Walley joins “Agree to Disagree” and host Brian Engelman for a “Top Story Extravaganza”.
Blake & Brian discuss:
– 2012, December 21st, the Mayan Calendar, apocalyptic prophecy, & end times,
– The Secret, the dawning of a new age, & balance,
– Jon Hammar’s imprisonment in Mexico,
– Piers Morgan, and the petition to deport him for subversion of the 2nd amendment,
– Chinese media strongly encouraging Americans to “turn in their guns”,
– Weird Sandy Hook reports including a 2nd shooter, Robbie Parker, Batman & Dark Knight references to both Aurora & Sandy Hook,
– NRA response that “the only way to stop a bad person with a gun, is a good person with a gun”
– The Benghazi cover up, Hillary Clinton’s flu, then fall, then concussion, then inability to testify regarding the “youtube spontaneous protest” lies after U.S. ambassador Chris Stevens was murdered, and John Bolton dubbing these series of events as “diplomatic illness”
– The nomination of John Kerry for Secretary of State,
& much more

What Will Happen Dec. 21st, 2012? Dr. Jose Jaramillo Joins “Agree To Disagree” To Discuss

Many people are wondering what the Mayans might have been measuring when December 21st 2012 comes around.

Dr. Jose Jaramillo joins “Agree To Disagree” host Brian Engelman to discuss some of the Astrological, Spiritual & Metaphorical meanings of Dec. 21st, 2012.

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