Ex Fullerton, CA Cops Should Have Been Convicted In Kelly Thomas Murder. Agree Or Disagree?

“Agree To Disagree” host Brian Engelman comments upon his disgust with the “not guilty” verdict of former Fullerton, CA police officers Jay Cicinelli, & Manuel Ramos.

This is one of the most disgusting & horrible videos Brian has ever seen.

Why are some police officers so quick to jump to an unnecessary escalation of force?

Brian believes that the former Fullerton, CA police officers should have been convicted for the murder of Kelly Thomas.

Do you “Agree Or Disagree”?

His name,…was Kelly Thomas.

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Watch the full Kelly Thomas murder video right here.


  1. walt stawicki says:

    guiltier then hell

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    • Agreed.
      Please help us share the story of the Kelly Thomas murder to everyone in your social network.
      The World needs to know the injustice in Fullerton, CA.
      Brian, TNAM

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  2. Wake up people! The SS federalized police departments in the 1930s. I know, because the only reason I am here writing this is because my relatives were imprisoned by the local police, or died in a concentration camp.

    Is the mission of DHS different? And what about the FEMA camps and forced medication that await your dissension?

    We have a rouge element within enforcement, a generation weaned on video games, lacking a moral compass, and a lowering of admission standards. A volatile and toxic mix.

    This is not to say that enforcement deserves disrespect. They face situations daily that we do not. That being said, even at the outset of the video, observe the confrontational body language of the officer clutching and manipulating the night stick. The condescending, imperious manner of his interaction with the victim, his obvious low intelligence and poor verbal skills are a shocking disgrace to the state of affairs within the ranks.

    That state of affairs has escalated. You now live in a police state. It’s not getting better. We’re devolving into a very dangerous, dark place. Moreover, if the current political trend continues, we’re facing a civil war.

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    • I have had conversations with John B. Wells on previous episodes of our “Agree To Disagree” radio program about the possibility of an upcoming civil war.
      We contend that this could be a lethal blend of a World War, Civil War and Revolutionary War at the same time.
      Race vs. Race.
      Religion vs. Religion.
      Country vs. Country.
      State vs. State.
      Brother vs. Brother.

      I personally invoke the blessing of the creator of this universe to watch over America & the rest of Earth to keep things from ever getting that bad.

      In the mean time,…..I prepare for the worst, while hoping for the best.
      Brian, TNAM

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  3. Obviously Police officers in academies are NO LONGER taught the constitution of the United States. And further the activity of ALL police officers of such nature represent a CULTURE of armed, violent criminals acting under color of law.

    My personal attitude is that these officers deserve and i would demand that they receive the exact same justice as the honorable Mr. Thomas received. the deprivation of LIFE, liberty, justice and happiness WITHOUT DUE PROCESS.

    These officers not only “NEED” BUT DESERVE the precise measure of treatment all without the pleasantries of a court room to be heard in. Mr. Thomas was flatly deprived of such.

    I have no concern for any police officer, anywhere in this country, that would do such, that if he be striken by a folk in society, by nature that the US Justice system obviously is corrupt to allow them to walk, that they die.

    oh, well,to bad, one less criminal punk to worry about. Sorry if this offends some of you so called good cops, but if you do nothing, your as guilty as the man doing the beating as well and you deserve same. You of the Los Angeles Police Department have clearly demonstrated that not one of you have neither knowledge, nor concern nor education of the constitution and further that your actions are welcomed and desired.

    The US Supreme Court has ruled in the past that an officer attempting to arrest, under color of law, office, without lawful authority to do so, detain by force, that if the person attempting to be detained resists that the officer be killed, that it is justified on the grounds that the officer was no more than a person carrying out an attempt is merely a person acting criminally by assault and battery and the other may defend himself. up to and including the taking of the officers life.

    Id be very careful officers. you people are acting and playing a very deadly and stupid game and people all across America are fed up and have had enough.

    I personally do not trust ANY Cop. you want people to trust you? then start acting and being trustworthy. and damn sure don’t expect it overnight.

    I would call for the resignations of the police chief, the captains, the lieutenants and the entire damned internal affairs division, i’d call for the examination into the jury, were they coerced, the judge? i’d be looking at everything in this case. de novo

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    • It seems impossible to expect the public to “trust” the police after watching the Kelly Thomas murder video.
      Have you ever looked into a group called “Oathkeepers”?

      Perhaps if every local Oathkeeper branch had a direct pipeline to each police department, the officers would protect, defend, & uphold the Constitution of the United States of America?
      Brian, TNAM

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  4. Adam Freeman says:

    Each of those cops should be shot to death for the brutal senseless murder of an innocent unarmed citizen. If the cops can get away with that then no one is safe.

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    • We cannot call for vigilante justice in the Kelly Thomas murder.
      I don’t know how to ever “right this wrong”, but there should be a civil rights trial coming down the road.
      Please remain calm, & channel your anger & frustration into helping us share the Kelly Thomas story to everyone in your social network.
      Retweet, embed, post, & comment about Kelly Thomas so that the World can know what has happened here.
      Brian, TNAM

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      • Brain, we already have vigilante justice being committed by the cops. again its a “culture, that means you’re NOT going to get rid of it by standard votes and criminal charges, they just flatly proved that to you. the only way, and the ONLY way, is by firing squad. sorry, but when this country realizes, that, then its all over

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        • Please help the country realize what happened to Kelly Thomas in Fullerton, CA.
          Please share the video to your social network, & ask them to watch & share if it also makes them sick to their stomach.
          Brian, TNAM

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  5. I heard the audio of this brutality a few months ago and I was positive those MFer’s would be convicted. Its just impossible that they got off but they did. I feel so helpless what has happened to this society. WHAT???????????

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    • I have never seen a more clear cut, black & white case of abuse of power, & police murder, than this video.
      I cannot believe that they were found not guilty.
      Perhaps the trial should have been moved to a community where different cops patrol the streets, & the jury could have voted without fear of retaliation???
      Instead of feeling “help-less”, please “help-us” spread the Kelly Thomas murder story to everyone in your social network.
      Brian, TNAM

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  6. Bob Shutty says:

    The motto , ” To protect and serve ” is meaningless to these thugs. From what I saw he died for refusing to give his name. Toughguy Ramos instigated the fight from the very beginning when Ramos was moving his baton in a menacing manner while questioning Kelly Thomas. Excessive force, absolutely. Over what?

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    • Exactly Bob. We pay police salaries.
      Any reasonable boss would fire employees who act like bullies and thugs.
      The behavior of Ramos is not from the “protect & serve” camp.
      Ramos displays the intimidate & “rough em’ up” mentality that run rampant in totalitarian states.
      We need to demand more from our police.
      Brian, TNAM

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  7. Great job!

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  8. Willow Morningsky says:

    NO!!!! I will NOT “agree to disagree”. This is as wrong as wrong can get and there is NO other way it can be accurately perceived. We HAVE to bring things back into a reality of sanity with the authority figures in our society or all that was good about our formerly beautiful nation and political organization will be FOREVER LOST!!!!!

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    • There should be a beaten hospital picture of Kelly Thomas next to the definition of the word “wrong” in the dictionary.
      Brian, TNAM

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  9. neutral yanqui says:

    ….a day will come, someone will be brutalized by some bad cops…and the people watching will intervene….and the whole county will explode…..just like concord; or, lexington green.

    ‘an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.’

    the best punishment for these two totalitarian pigs(they order his every move and if he doesn’t put his knees here or his hands there, he’s being, resistant and combative) is to let them go back to the streets and hopefully they’ll both die on the job…..

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