John B. Wells & Brian Engelman Discuss What REALLY Happened To The Missing Plane?

“Agree To Disagree” host Brian Engelman once again welcomes radio host John B. Wells of Caravan To Midnight to discuss:

– What REALLY happened to the missing Malaysian 777 airplane?
– Do officials know a lot more than they are telling us?
– What range of options should we consider as possible locations for the plane?
– Could this event be used as a “false flag” operation to trigger a much larger global conflict?
– What should we make of the stolen passports?
– How will Iran be connected with this event? (if at all)

– How far will Barack Obama go to erase constitutional protections for the American people?
– What does the end game look like in the Vladamir Putin, Barack Obama, Ukraine situation?
– Fukushima radioactive water is projected to hit the West coast of the United States in April.

& much more

You can visit John’s web page at: for more information on his new media program and how to pick up handheld radiation devices & water filtration systems.

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