Jerry Sandusky & Joe Paterno Are Innocent! John Ziegler Shares His Research W/ Host Brian Engelman

Nationally-Syndicated Talk Host (Talkers Magazine Top 100), @Mediaite Columnist, Filmmaker, TV guest, Conservative/Libertarian, John Ziegler joins #AgreeToDisagree host Brian Engelman to share his research, and conclusion that Jerry Sandusky, Joe Paterno & Penn State are innocent.

You may remember a few years ago when child molestation allegations were leveled at Sandusky, Paterno & PSU.
Well,…John started off believing the official narrative, and after interviewing Sandusky in prison, and digging into the “facts” of the case, he has completely changed his mind about the entire crazy mess.
Listen to John lay out the case, and let us know if you “Agree” or “Disagree” & why.

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John B Wells On The Ultimate Battle Between Good & Evil, Jade Helm, Iran, & A Global Conspiracy.

“Agree To Disagree” host Brian Engelman once again welcomes radio host John B. Wells of “Caravan To Midnight” to discuss:

– Now that a piece of aircraft wing has been discovered off the coast of Madagascar, can we actually be certain that this belonged to the missing flight MH 370?
– What if the plane was taken down “another way”, and this was the only way to keep the general public from freaking out?
– Perhaps Ukraine was directly connected to the missing flight.
– Jade Helm has kicked off, but what is it really all about?
– Could Jade Helm be a precursor to a “SkyNet” system that completely automates warfare of the future?
– People have been connecting dots between dead and missing doctors. Is there an active conspiracy to silence people who are opposing the pharmaceutical industrial complex?
– Who are John’s favorite political candidates in the 2016 Presidential race thus far?
– Will we see a global currency collapse in the near future?
– Are cities primed to launch full out race wars at the steering of President Barack Obama?
– Is Fukushima still a global health problem?
– Just how bad is the TPP?
– What are we supposed to make of these Planned Parenthood revelations of selling baby parts?
– If this truly is an ultimate battle between good & evil, what can we expect to see as the battle ramps up even more?

& much more

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Do You “Agree Or Disagree” With The Zimmerman Self Defense Verdict? Blake Walley & Brian Engelman.

“Agree To Disagree” host Brian Engelman once again welcomes special guest Blake Walley.

They answer the question: “Do you agree or disagree with the Zimmerman self defense verdict”?

– What will happen when George Zimmerman sues NBC for editing the 911 tapes to make him appear to be a racist which inflamed the country & divided our nation?
– How does the violence in Chicago fit into the equation?
– Since George Zimmerman took a black girl to prom & mentored & tutored black youths, why did the media continue to portray this man as a racist despite a complete lack of evidence to substantiate that false narrative?
– Was the effort of Eric Holder & the Obama administration to inject race into this trial really an attempt to “brainwash” people in a sneaky attempt to further restrict the 2nd amendment rights of Americans to protect ourselves?
– Will the nationwide “Justice For Trayvon rallies be a non-violent & civil expression of 1st amendment rights, or devolve into a version of the recent movie “The Purge” where: “a 12-hour period legalizes any and all crime ” to let out growing societal pressure.
& more.

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