John B & His Plan B After Leaving Coast To Coast AM. Caravan To Midnight Is Coming.

John B. Wells joins the “Eccentric Perspective” show with Brian “the Brain” and Blake “the Eccentric” to discuss the current state of the world and his new Media Venture via Caravan to Midnight!

Interview from the “Eccentric Perspective” show 2/3/14 on

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John B. Wells Of Coast To Coast AM Talks Civil Liberties, Government, Spirituality, Fukushima & Finance

John B. Wells Discusses Bilderberg, Fukushima, Eric Holder, Brainwashing, Fast & Furious & More With “Agree To Disagree” Host Brian Engelman

On Friday 06_22_12, “Agree To Disagree” host Brian Engelman spoke with John B. Wells, the Saturday night host of “Coast to Coast AM”.

John & Brian talked about his recent hosting gig filling in for Alex Jones when Alex went to the 2012 Bilderberg meeting.
John discussed his recent 4 hour C2C show devoted to updating the Fukushima disaster and explained that the nuclear disaster is much worse than advertised.

They also covered some of the many scandals swirling around U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder including Oklahoma City, Brainwashing comments, leaked documents, vote fraud, and Fast & Furious.

In the extended “Agree to Disagree” program, Brian welcomed Pamm Larry of www.CaRightToKnow.Org about the upcoming California vote to label all GMO (Genetically Modified) food.

Then Brian spoke with musician Tatiana Moroz about her craft & inspiration.