Breitbart Editor Assaulted by Daily Show Adversary @ Milo Yiannopoulos Event.

Senior Breitbart Editor-at-Large Joel B. Pollak confronts professional agitators from the Daily Show attempting to take advantage of attendees from the ‘Gays for Trump’ event hosted by fellow Breitbart Tech Editor Milo Yiannopoulos.

Brian Engelman & Blake Walley of The New American Media were working on a story about this event, and Milo getting permanently banned from Twitter, when they saw something interesting start happening.

You can hear the lies told by The Daily Show crew.
You can see the tall skinny punk cross his arms, and throw an elbow into Joel.
It’s possible that this crew lies and intimidates at all of their stops, and maybe people never confront them.
Maybe they lashed out in frustration like a spoiled child because Mr. Pollak wanted to grab a video to see if the final edit is severely misrepresentative of the conversation.
It’s “Gotcha Journalism”…..kind of like the “Gummy Venus de Milo” episode of the Simpsons.
Allow us to clarify:
Homer attends a candy convention, and steals the rarest gummy of them all!
The Gummy Venus De Milo, which was carved by gummy artisans, who work exclusively in the medium of gummy!
Anyway, the candy sticks to the butt of his babysitter, and Homer reaches to peel it off as she leaves the car when getting dropped off.
The babysitter is horrified when she looks back and thinks he grabbed her butt instead of the candy.
So Homer is labeled a dirtball, and starts freaking out at all the negative media attention he is now receiving that disrupts his entire life.
So, Homer tries to clear his name and decides to do an interview to clear his name, but the sleaze journalism site intentionally & severely hacks & edits the video to make it appear as though the interviewee is saying something completely different that he is not.

Now, back to this situation,….it was notable how Joel called out that The Daily Show crew are only there to make gays or Trump supporters look bad or racist or something, and as soon as the camera was turned on them, they took off like cockroaches scuttling for the shadows.

The whole production ended in just a couple of minutes, and it shows the power of the cell phone camera.
It is also another great reason why police should always wear body cameras: to protect themselves against false accusation, and to protect the public from any officer who lies, or tramples civil liberties,….like this Daily Show producer, (good thing they got permission to film at a public university).

Also, dripping with irony is the fact that this event was held just hours after Milo was permanently banned from Twitter as a method of internet speech censorship.
Remember that Facebook was also busted as they bumped up leftist stories, and buried conservative stories to manipulate what they deemed was trending.

It reminds us of the quote from William F. Buckley, Jr.
“Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views.”

So check out the video, offer your comments, and join our “mostly” civil conversation here at The New American Media.

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Judge Me Not – By: Chrissy Jacobs – TNAM Spiritual Column

Judge Me Not – By: Chrissy Jacobs

I always get annoyed when people make random, harsh judgments of others. We are all guilty of it, myself included, but I find as I get older that I am trying more and more to remind myself that we are all different. Not one of us is experiencing the exact same situation, from the exact same perspective.
I had been thinking about this, but then I saw a post on Facebook (post date on Facebook is May 14, 2014) that spurred me to the keyboard. It was a post by a fairly well-known individual, Jake Hamilton, who makes his living in Christian music. His posts and messages are all faith based and claim to be about love and humility. So when I saw his post, it angered me even more that it was coming from a “Christian.”

“Divorce is asking your children to carry a burden that you yourself were not willing to carry.”

I don’t even have children, and I immediately was taken back to a moment in my life where I felt like filing for divorce was my only option. I was overwhelmed with shame, & sadness. I felt all of those old memories start to descend on me like a wet blanket. Then, just before completely taking the bait and falling into the depths of despair, I thought, wait a minute,… This guy has never been divorced! What does he know about it and who is he to pass this judgment on me? I started to read the comments on the post and they were equally divided between those who saw a great opportunity condemn divorces ("God hates divorce", "divorce is for the weak", my personal favorite; "if you're in an abusive marriage, stay married just separate from each other.") and then those like myself who felt hurt and judged by the comment. It was a comment that stirred judgment and sadness, and did not promote the message of the Bible that he claims to be all about. Do I believe that divorce is God's favorite reality show? No. Do I believe my divorce makes me unredeemable? Absolutely not. And so, my bold statement and belief:The church is losing members and not attracting the people who are lost and hurting, because too many Christians (Catholics, Protestants, Baptists, Lutherans, Non-Denominational, Insert your religious brand here) are using the Bible as a weapon to judge and hurt others. Put your Bible down, throw your stones into the river and stop judging situations that aren't yours to judge. Here’s a shocking revelation: it’s none of your business. Whoa. That’s crazy talk. The Bible’s first commandment to us was to love one another. Let me ask you, when was the last time someone judged you and it made you feel really loved? When was the last time someone judged you, and as a result of that judgment, you changed your mind or actions for good? When was the last time someone judged you and it made a positive impact on your life? Judging others is weakness, in that someone feels insecure and/or threatened by something they either disagree with or don't know enough about and so they use judgment as a defense mechanism to make themselves feel better. "I'm obviously better than that person, because I don’t do —-" instead of taking the time to get to know the person or learn more about his or her situation.

One of my all time favorite arguments is gay rights. Ultimately, anyone who has strong opposition to gay rights has an argument that is based on the Bible. It’s an argument that spurs heated debates, protests,and slews of angry words on social media. “God hates gay people.” “Homosexuality is a sin.” “Gay marriage is ruining the sanctity of marriage.” Um, is it? Does He? Before you put words in Jesus’ mouth and regardless of your feelings on the legitimacy of the Bible, let’s look at this logically for a moment. The Bible mentions homosexuality roughly six times in 1,900 pages (give or take depending on your version). Divorce gets approximately 18 mentions, and loving your neighbor gets 80 mentions! 80 times Jesus instructed us to love each! Yet, as a society of “loving” Christians, we condemn anything that doesn’t appear in the Nativity scene and we wonder why no one wants to go to church anymore. Kids these days… I beg to differ. Adult Christians these days…

The next time you are tempted to grab your Bible and head to a rally, let me ask you – when was the last time you saw picket signs outside of a divorce lawyer’s office? When did divorce make national news, aside from the 50% failure rate? When was the last time someone who’s been divorced, was refused the right to get married again? Yet, it’s in the Bible 3 times as much as homosexuality! If you’re a Christian, you can’t pick and choose which rules are the most comfortable to follow and which will work nicely as a weapon, and if you do, well that makes you a hypocrite and that’s in the Bible as a sin too. Quite the conundrum isn’t it? Instead, as you journey on in your search for significance and purpose, let’s focus in on the 80 other messages to love each other. Perhaps if we could master than one concept, to accept others for who they are, right now in this moment in time; we could stop using Jesus as a source of condemnation, and try Him out as a source of love and purpose.

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NBA Playoffs, Jason Collins “Comes Out” As Gay, Lakers Swept, Cavs Hire Mike Brown & More

“The Unhappy Hour” host Brian Engelman once again welcomes NBA scout Zak Baris to discuss:
– the Cavs hire former Cavs coach Mike Brown
– the Lakers are swept,
– the NBA playoffs,
– & Jason Collins “coming out” as gay.

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NBA center Jason Collins becomes first major sport athlete to “come out” as gay.

NBA center Jason Collins becomes first major athlete to “come out” as gay.

What impact will this announcement have on popular culture & professional sports? Who still cares if people are straight or gay?
We welcome your comments.
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Al-Gore-Jazeera, Super Bowl, Bob Menendez Prostitution Accusatons, & More On “Agree To Disagree”

On this week’s “Agree To Disagree”, host Brian Engelman once again welcomes special guest co-host Blake “The Eccentric” Walley.

They highlight some of the most important stories over the past week that you may have missed in a segment with the working title of “Top News Story Extravaganza”!

Among the many topics discussed, they talk about:
– The horrible killing & abduction in Alabama & how some people are quick to paint any “prepper” as a potential monster if it fits their narrow minded “sheeple” narrative. (The same concept employed by those attempting to infringe upon the 2nd Amendment by using the excuse that “because a couple of madmen did horrible things, everyone else should lose their rights”. Very important to point out the methods used by the opponents of liberty & freedom.
– The federal reserve
– Active shooters & crisis actors
– New Orleans restaurants banning Roger Goodell from dining because of the “BountyGate” scandal that ruined the Saints season
– 49ers “gay” comments, homophobia in pro sports, & a Ravens player pushing for marriage equality
– 4th Amendment grievances about illegal search, surveillance, & seizure
– Bloomberg
– AR-15’s “Assault Weapon” should be banned, (say some in the Gov’t), but DHS can purchase 7,000 of the same weapon & call it a “Personal Defense” weapon.
– GDP negative movement in the U.S. economy
– Zero tolerance for a child with a pink Hello Kitty bubble gun, a kid who build a gun from lego blocks, a deaf kid named Hunter being told to change his sign language name because his thumb & pointer finger “gun” is threatening, and the kid handcuffed because of a $5 bill. Where is the common sense in teaching America’s children???
– Bob Menendez, U.S. (d) Senator from New Jersey, has been accused of multiple and specific underage prostitution acts that could land the Senator in jail. We do not rush to judgment on the situation until the facts come out, but there appears to be specific & perhaps credible information on this story & we will follow it until we get an answer.
– DHS has a new strategy in case you should find yourself in an “active shooter” situation. Some of their top brilliant ideas include running, hiding, or grabbing some scissors. The New American Media recommends that you instantly grab your conceal carry weapon (2nd amendment shall not be infringed), then call 911 if possible. The public must always be able to defend themselves in any location or situation.
– Obamacare’s cheapest plan is estimated to cost $20,000 for a family of 5.
– An e-mail hack has shed light on a possible False Flag operation in Syria regarding chemical weapons & Bashar Al-Assad. Global politics (or the global game of RISK) can be a shady business indeed, but if the People of the planet truly are sick & tired of the constant Orwellian military conflicts, the People must be able to process correct information about what is, & what has been causing all of this conflict in the first place. Very interesting story.
– Al Gore sells Current TV to Al-Jazeera. It doesn’t get much better than the multiple levels of hypocrisy in this story. It would take too long to type,…just listen.
– MSNBC doctors/edits another tape to push a left wing narrative. MSNBC also edited the George Zimmerman recording to make it sound like Zimmerman was saying & implying things that he was not. The New American Media take the position that this type of garbage needs to stop. If you need to lie & manipulate people into siding with your argument,…perhaps you need to make a better argument!
– Plus, the Dow Jones tops 14,000. Should you be happy, or bracing for impact?

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