Jim Marrs & Brian Engelman Talk Alien Conspiracy @ Conscious Life Expo 2015

Researcher & Author Jim Marrs took a few minutes to talk with Brian Engelman in between speaking on the Conspiracy Panel & accepting a lifetime achievement award at the 2015 Conscious Life Expo.

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Could A Human Soul Become Immortal With Technology? Brian Engelman Asks The Cosmic Science Panel.

The New American Media’s Brian Engelman attended the George Noory “Cosmic Science” panel discussion at the 2014 Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles, CA on Saturday, February 8th.

Brian asked the panel about their opinions on whether technology could create the opportunity for people to obtain an immortal digital soul.

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4th Amendment Grievances W/ Brian Engelman, Gregg Braden, William Henry, Seann David Morton & More.

Brian Engelman of The New American Media attended the “Emerging Science” panel discussion at the 2013 Conscious Life Expo.

Brian asked the panel about petitioning the government for a redress of grievances regarding 4th amendment spy violations.

A variety of answers came from Seann David Morton, Gregg Braden, David Reynolds, Eric Pearl, & William Henry.

Take a look and leave your 4th Amendment comments below.


Recommended Materials, Part 1

– This list will contain various interesting, thrilling, entertaining, funny, creepy, or thought provoking content to consider:

“1984” & “Animal Farm” by George Orwell” (book & movie)
(1984 explains; “War is peace, freedom is slavery, & ignorance is strength” 1984 is a cautionary tale of technology humans need to avoid, and how personal privacy and freedom can erode or be stolen. When politics corrupts, who can you believe?)
(Animal Farm explains “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” You will learn about communism and totalitarianism, and why they are NEVER good ideas.)

Jericho” (tv series)
The television show “Jericho” is the story of a massive disaster that radically alters the lives of the residents of “Jericho”. EMP cuts off all power, struggle to survive begins, neighboring towns go to war, the United States devolves into chaos, a battle for a “new” government” begins, and the season abruptly ends. This show needs to be brought back to television.

One Second After by William Forstchen” (tv series)
When an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) shuts down all of the power grid in the United States, a small town reacts to the new problems facing their new world. Similar to both “The Stand” & “Jericho”. We are reminded of the Boy Scout motto: “Be Prepared”.
Are you & your family, friends, & neighbors prepared to weather a storm?

“The Stand” by: Stephen King” (book & tv miniseries)
(If the $#!^ hits the fan, how many of us know how to take care of ourselves? Plus, what does good vs. evil really mean?)

Coast to Coast AM” (radio show & website) hosted by George Noory
A college professor at Bowling Green State University told an entire 300 person lecture hall to do ourselves a favor and start listening to Coast to Coast AM, (when Art Bell was the full-time host). In the past 15 years, this radio show has motivated millions of daily listeners to think outside of the box & ponder some new ideas. If you are interested in some of the same materials that we are here at The New American Media, please check out C2C.
In our search for the truth, C2C can challenge your beliefs, motivate & stimulate your creativity, and start you on a path of learning, and strange considerations that will expand your knowledge and always get you thinking, (whether you agree with the guests or not). Check them out at http://www.CoastToCoastAM.com

“The Green Mile” & “The Shawshank Redemption”” (Film) These Stephen King movies are fantastic, inspiring, thought provoking, and are great stories.

“Atlas Shrugged” by: Ayn Rand” (Book & Film) If you read this book written in 1957, you may be astonished. If you simply change the names of the people in this book to current politicians of today,…you’ll find that the more things change, the more they stay the same. Punish the successful, & blame the risk takers. People start to ask, “Who is John Galt” in response to the entitlement mentality that was then, & has continued to be a destructive & pervasive way of American life. Personal charity is a far cry from a governmental mandate to redistribute wealth. As our current economic and political system is collapsing in the United States, we need to look toward the past to see that people have been trying to illuminate the general public to the morality of capitalism, and the liberty of self governance. “Who is John Galt?”

“Common Sense” by: Thomas Paine & Glenn Beck” (Book) Thomas Paine’s original writings from the Revolutionary times of the British colonies, clarified why a free “United States” was a necessity. This helped create the U.S.A. Glenn Beck brought this sentiment to a contemporary understanding by showing the problems our country faces today, and how we can unite again. It’s an easy read, & it’s a good read. Whether you are a Glenn Beck fan or not,…give this book a chance. We face great problems in the United States today, and “Common Sense” provides some,…well,… “Common Sense”.

“The Bretheren” by: John Grisham” (Book) From Amazon.com:
(The novel grows from two separate subplots. In the first, three imprisoned ex-judges (the “brethren” in the title), frustrated by their loss of power and influence, concoct an elaborate blackmail scheme that preys on wealthy, closeted gay men. The second story traces the rise of presidential candidate Aaron Lake, a puppet essentially created by CIA director Teddy Maynard to fulfill Maynard’s plans for restoring the power of his beleaguered agency.)
John Grisham is one of our favorite writers. We read this book around the time of the September 11th attacks in New York. This book will make you consider the ties that politicians have both intentionally, or accidentally. Please read this book and then spend a little time with your thoughts,…We know that we did.

www.whowhatwhy.com” (Website) We’ve heard Russ Baker a few times on Coast to Coast AM, and made a note to recommend him to people. Russ Baker has recently reminded us that he’s worth listening to and reading about. Whether you agree with Russ or not, he’ll make you think. More than almost any other reason, we value the ability to get people thinking, questioning, researching & re-examining all aspects of life.

“On Atlantis” by: Edgar Cayce” (Book) We know you’ve heard about Atlantis, but have you considered that this might have been a real place? The great philosopher Plato wrote about Atlantis. Edgar Cayce was a very interesting person who also talked about Atlantis. He’d put himself into meditative trances where he could diagnose disease, and discuss past-life regressions. Thinking about Atlantis helps put things into perspective. This planet could have had intelligent humans for a very long time, and the history we are taught, might be missing a few important pieces. We recommend that you read about this and consider for yourself.

“Sum, 40 Tales From the Afterlives” by: David Eagleman” (Book) This neuroscientist writes about 40 potential experiences in the afterlife. This one of the most thought provoking, conversation starting & funny books we’ve ever seen.

By: Brian Engelman


Conscious Life Expo Part 2


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