Could A Human Soul Become Immortal With Technology? Brian Engelman Asks The Cosmic Science Panel.

The New American Media’s Brian Engelman attended the George Noory “Cosmic Science” panel discussion at the 2014 Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles, CA on Saturday, February 8th.

Brian asked the panel about their opinions on whether technology could create the opportunity for people to obtain an immortal digital soul.

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God Freaks Self Out By Lying Awake Contemplating Own Immortality

TNAM Spirituality & Humor

(Warning, some offensive language & strongly challenges some religious dogma).

The Onion is great for a few laughs, and this one got us thinking. Of course, the tile is funny because humans lie awake at times contemplating their own mortality, & God might therefore lie awake contemplating immortality.

Take a look by clicking HERE