Parts 1 & 2: John B. Wells On FCC Net Neutrality Power Grab, & Defeating ISIS W/ Host Brian Engelman

Part 1:

Part 2:

“Agree To Disagree” host Brian Engelman once again welcomes radio host John B. Wells of “Caravan To Midnight” to discuss:

What is the FCC really trying to accomplish with its 332 pages of secret rules to tax and regulate the open internet, & should we be concerned, worried, or resist the changes?

(But of course, as usual, the conversation between John & Brian covers a very wide ranging list of topics & listens more like a casual conversation instead of a point by point interrogation)

Some of the other topics include:
– Specifically: If the FCC reclassifies the internet as a public utility, what types of taxation, & regulations will be used to place a strangle hold on the net forever?
– Will this limit free speech?
– Why did both John & Brian join with Dan Johnson of PANDA (People Against The NDAA) as he launched a new project called “Solutions Institute” that has the basic goal of empowering activism.
– How dangerous is the NDAA?
– What % of New Media members need a few lessons in interview etiquette?
– How can Americans increase their 7th grade average in vocabulary?
– Will Real ID be enacted & what could this lead to regarding privacy & freedom?
– Should people fear vaccines, completely trust vaccines, or something in between?
– After repeatedly lying about keeping you doctor, & keeping your health insurance plans with Obamacare, can this administration be trusted with anything anymore?
– What are “they” worried about?
(It sure seems like “they” are gearing up toward something.
– What role do UFO’s, & extra-terrestrials play in our government & geo-politics?
– According to reports, Abby Martin will be leaving RT, where will we find her next & who are some of the best up & coming media personalities & journalists?
– The ISIS crisis continues in Northern Africa, the middle East, & all over the globe. What role will Damascus play & why?
– How will Obama, Putin, & ISIS play their cards, & can WW3 be averted?
– What role do God & Jesus play in these potentially apocalyptic events that seem to be playing out from biblical prophecy?
– Does Scott Walker have a legitimate shot to become the next President of the USA, or will the media use a double standard of resarch to try and embarass & destroy the man (unlike their treatment of Barack Obama)?


– Musician “AfroMan” just punched out the lights of a female fan who jumped on stage while he was playing the guitar. What punishment would be appropriate?
– Alabama police slammed an Indian grandfather to the pavement for “walking around the neighborhood” which resulted in partial paralysis. When will police departments across the Nation make it clear that abuse of force will not be tolerated. At least the officer has been fired & charged with a crime though. (Thanks to a dash cam video!)
– How many people are actually connected to a world wide pedophilia ring that has pointed toward Jeffrey Epstein, & even Bill Clinton because he spent so much time with him.
– How will the fiat currency perform in 2015 & will people flock to gold & silver as a hedge?
– What role does George Soros play in politics, civil disobedience, & riots as a financier & puppet master?

& much more!


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Jim Marrs & Brian Engelman Talk Alien Conspiracy @ Conscious Life Expo 2015

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Dallas JFK 50th Memorial Turns Ugly. John B. Wells, & Ty Bollinger Explain To Brian Engelman

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“Agree To Disagree” host Brian Engelman once again welcomes radio host John B. Wells of Coast To Coast AM, & surprise guest Ty Bollinger, to discuss the 50th year memorial of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.
– Was LBJ behind the murder plot?
– Did Lee Harvey Oswald pull any of the triggers, & if so, did he act alone?

– Plus, just how bad is the Fukushima meltdown?
– What kind of natural, herbal, organic remedies might be subscribed to humans to combat the negative effects of radiation poisoning?

& much more

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