“We Are Alchemists!” Laura Eisenhower & Brian Engelman Talk On “Agree To Disagree.”

“Agree To Disagree” host Brian Engelman welcomes global alchemist, cosmic mythologist, & intuitive astrologist Laura Eisenhower.

Laura is the Great Granddaughter of President Ike Eisenhower & she discusses the vast secrecy that shields Americans from what has really been going on for thousands & thousands of years.

Laura & Brian discuss:
– True healing tips and tricks for us to rebuild what is broken within us,
– The outcome of the 2016 election, and what it means for humanity,
– How much control do we really have over the things that happen to us on Earth,
– Why is the “dependency paradigm” so harmful for humans,
– How can we attack and change the toxicity & blockages that we carry around with us,
– Is a taste of honey, worse than none at all?

Plus “Choose Your Own Adventure” books, & much, much more!

Take a listen & offer your comments.

Feel free to contact Laura for tarot readings & check out her homepage at: http://cosmicgaiasophia.com/

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Sen. Rand Paul Sues Obama Admin. For Violating Privacy Rights. Brian & Blake Discuss.

“Agree To Disagree” host Brian Engelman once again welcomes special guest Blake Walley to discuss Senator Rand Paul suing the Obama administration over violating privacy rights.

Brian & Blake discuss:
– The Ohio National Guard Trains Against 2nd Amendment supporters in an eerie drill to desensitize police & military to attack U.S. citizens.
– Are we quickly approaching a civil war?
– Will the police really turn on their neighbors & countrymen?
– Is a stock market bubble & trend indicating a much worse crash than in 2008?
– Is America headed toward a renaissance, or the dark ages?
– Should Americans be worried when they heard President Obama say, “That’s the good thing about being President, I can do whatever I want.”
– What kind of amazing dirt must the NSA & Obama administration have on John Boehner to get him to keep rolling over for the President?

& much, much more.

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