Yes, You Should Vote…! (Because The Government Clearly Does Not Want You To)

Yes, You Should Vote…!

(Because The Government Clearly Does Not Want You To)

by Bud Stratford

Sunday, August 7th, 2016

Like anybody else on Facebook these days, my news feed is often saddled and sullied with all kinds of crazy catcrap. Probably because crazy catcrap is the one thing that Modern Americans can readily produce both efficiently, and consistently. Especially on the internet. Because nothing really brings on the crazy catcrap like unabashed anonymity does.

Today, I read another un-original, echo-chamber op-ed piece about why you shouldn’t bother to vote. As if we didn’t have enough ignorant apathy floating around as it is. In this piece, the author claimed (like so many other ignorant and apathetic morons are claiming these days) that this whole election is bought, paid for, predetermined, and rigged anyway. As such, “wisdom and reason” dictates that your vote will be rendered meaningless by some shadowy power structure somewhere. Namely, within The Government itself. Or, The Privately Owned Federal Reserve. Or, The New World Order. Or, The Illuminati. Or, The Moneyed Elites. Or, whoever is supposedly running the world these days.

Of course, this flies completely against any semblance of “wisdom and reason”. Especially when everyday, practical experience flies in the face of these assertions. Of course, you should vote. Of course, it matters. And of course, it will count. Because if it really didn’t matter, and if it really didn’t count… there would be nobody, from anywhere, trying to dissuade you from doing it.

But of course, everybody and their frenemies are practically falling over each other this year, trying with all their might to keep you out of the voting booth. Including The Government, itself. Which is the best reason of all to make the time and effort to do it. Specifically because, The Government doesn’t want you to.

The Government has a long, detailed, and endlessly documented history of making the things that it wants you to do, quite easy. Likewise, it also has a long, detailed, and endlessly documented history of making the things it doesn’t want you to do, quite difficult. Nay impossible, actually. We all know it’s true; common sense tells us at least that much. Even if we don’t remember it that often. And what The Government clearly does not want you to do, is to get up, get out, and vote.

A couple months ago, I got a ticket up in Holbrook that illustrates my point perfectly. The officer stopped me, checked my credentials, went back to his cruiser, and returned holding a citation for me. Yup, I got a ticket. But being relatively new to Arizona, I wasn’t entirely sure what my options were, or how to go about pursuing them.

Basically, I had two options. Fight the ticket, and “prove my innocence”… which immediately runs contrary to our rule of law and common sense, of course. How in the world can you ever “prove innocence”, anyway? And aren’t we already innocent until we’re proven gulty…? Well, it was explained to me by my friendly officer (that my tax dollars bought and paid for, mind you) that because he, the officer (who is respected by the law) wrote the ticket… then I, the defendant (who is clearly not respected by the law) am automatically guilty because the “preponderance of evidence” immediately goes against me in the court of law. “Preponderance Of Evidence” in this case meant that because he thought I was guilty enough to write me a ticket, then clearly, I must be guilty as hell.

But if I really wanted to fight this stacked and staggered system, well, I was still free and clear to do so. All I had to do was to plead not guilty on my ticket; send it to the court; make the five-hour trek up to Holbrook to appear in court on a day and time of the court’s choosing (not mine); and bring irrefutable proof of my innocence along with me. Easy enough, you might say. Although it seems like a ginormously impossible pain in the ass to me.

Or: I could choose to simply plead guilty, and pay the fine. That involved signing on a dotted line on my citation, writing out a check, and dropping it in the mail. And, I had a whole month and a half to do it before I’d get into any further trouble. Much, much easier. Even you’d have to agree with that.

This isn’t an isolated case. Everything The Government does is aimed at getting you to do what serves their better interests. Like, paying taxes. Figuring out which deductions you’re entitled to is again, nay impossible to do (unless you’re a high-priced CPA or a tax attorney). However, actually paying the taxes is remarkably simple. Again, it’s as simple as signing a dotted line, and mailing a check. Funny how The Government works, huh…?

Signing up to give your life to The Military is pretty easy, quick, and simple to do. Getting your life back, though…? Nay impossible.

Paying fuel, excise, and highway use taxes is really easy. We do it quietly, silently, and automatically every time we buy gas. But getting that pothole fixed in your neighborhood…? Yeah, right. You might as well just forget about that one.

Voting is just like anything else. They make it a giant pain in the ass in the hopes that you won’t do it. Wouldn’t it be great if cops pulled you over, just to verify that you had voted? “Oh, you haven’t? Here, it’s really simple. Just take this ticket, pick a candidate, and mail it in before November 11th (or whatever). Take your time, it’s no rush.” But of course, that would cost revenue, not generate it. And it would be a public service, not a public disservice. So of course, the government will never do it.

If government really wanted you to vote, they’d make a phone app that would let you do it from anywhere, anytime you wanted. They would let you vote from your home or office computer. Funny that you can file your taxes from your home office, but you can’t vote from there. Clearly, it’s because government would rather have your money then your vote.

Then, you have all of the other factors keeping you from voting as well. The candidates both suck. There is very little access to third parties… which I’m sure is orchestrated by the two “major” parties to keep themselves in power. Do you think that maybe the two “major parties” exert some pressure on the media to not cover alternatives…? I’m sure they do. Then, candidates routinely lie through their teeth and break laws, and yet they never seem to be held accountable by anyone at all. I find it strikingly odd that the president… the most powerful elected official in the country… is subject to term limits, but nobody else is. Then, you have massive media telling you that voting is a huge waste of time and energy, and that it doesn’t count for anything anyway. And then they wonder why voter turnout is in the toilet. But secretly, I think they all prefer it that way. They probably love having their candidates voted into power by a small minority of ignorant and insane (but, highly motivated!) citizenry that is blissfully aligned with their own special interests. But all the while, nobody is looking after our collective interests as a nation. Because the majority of us are still sitting at home on our couches, convinced that we can never make a difference.

If we… the silent, apathetic majority that “can’t make a difference” actually decided to get out and vote en masse, we could make a huge difference that could never be rigged, tampered, “lost”, or thrown away. You might be able to “lose” a few thousand ballots here and there, but you can’t possibly hope to “lose” millions. You might be able to stop a leaky faucet, but stopping a sea change is a hell of a lot more difficult. If we ever hope to take our country back… well, we have to stand up, and start taking it back. Exercising your right to vote… which is one of the few rights that we still have left to freely exercise, by the way… is a damn good start.

I think that’s the best reason of all to stand up, be counted, and make that happen.

And if The Government doesn’t like it, oh well. Screw them.


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Trump Tension On The Campaign Trial. By: Philip Seper

Tension is the word that most defined the Trump rally in Dayton on Saturday. From the moment I parked my car in the parking lot, to the minute that I left the airport hangar, tension was present. Mr. Trump’s event had the atmosphere of an especially angry hockey match, or a particularly heated baseball rivalry matchup. Tension was on the tip of Mr. Trump’s tongue, and it could be seen on the faces of many in the crowd. The dozens of police and Secret Service agents had a simalar impact of hockey refs. The “authorities” knew they would be spending the match picking people out of scrums and leading them to the penalty box. Even the media seemed to be salivating in the anticipation of conflict.
When Mr. Trump made his appearance in the airplane hangar, the pressure continued to build. Trump began his remarks by discussing the protest activity that had cancelled his Chicago event. After he said that the rally was cancelled because of deliberate efforts on the part of Bernie Sanders’ campaign, the boos and jeers were far lustier and menacing than I’ve ever heard at any sporting event. Conversely, when that crowd cheered Trump, they cheered with a passion and energy that rivaled the most intense and heated sports fans.
While Trumps speech danced like a particularly effective knuckleball, the crowd listened intently, while also simultaneously on the lookout for any signs of trouble. Sure enough,…conflict came. At first, the protesters were just a minor irritant. The first heckler was a particularly rotund specimen, who walked to the back of the gathering, shouted “Bernie Sanders 2016” several times, and ran out of the hangar with a few police in pursuit. Subsequent protesters were far less innocuous, most notable among them being the man who jumped over a barricade and attempted to get at Trump. The scene elicited memories of Robert Kennedy and George Wallace. The last two protesters were met with pushing and shoving from members of the crowd, who at this point were far less tolerant and were prepared to meet any subsequent disorder on their own terms, and protect their candidate.

Trump’s campaign, message, and strategy are an aberration from American cultural norms. In 2016, a year where violence is in many places at an all time low, his campaign seems to contrast a society increasingly averse to overt conflict. At a time when virtually all sports leagues (even the NFL!), governments, and universities are punishing disorder with ever more punitive sanctions, Mr. Trump stands alone as someone who promotes disorder as a political tool. Whether George Soros, MoveOn.Org, ThinkProgress, BlackLivesMatter, or average American citizens are behind the disruptive protests, we know for certain that candidate Trump has outsourced his security team to his followers, and has even offered to pay for their legal fees. We’re only in March, and with six months until Election Day, the conflicts at these rallies may be the most important development of the 2016 campaign.

Philip Seper is supporting Bernie Sanders in the 2016 Presidential campaign, and he can be reached at:


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– How is the low price of oil impacting the markets?
– What should we think about the closing of hundreds of Wal-Marts?
– Can capitalism be blamed for the mess that we are in?
– How do the global financial markets make this crisis different?
– Is it possible that we could see a “bank holiday” on the horizon?

– What performance should we expect from commodities?
– Is there any Presidential candidate that would be healthy for our economy?
– In which ways would Gerald suggest that we prepare?

Brian & Gerald discuss all this, & much, much more!

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Time to Jump on the Trump Bandwagon? By Blake Walley

Time to Jump on the Trump Bandwagon? By Blake Walley

Donald Trump is not what I would call an ideal candidate, and I certainly don’t stand by everything he says. I would prefer that he apologized a little more, and doubled-down a little less. But I don’t believe for a moment that he’s an actual racist, and I’m fascinated that so many people (including media outlets) continue to get away with reporting that as though it is a bona fide fact. Do they honestly believe that he’s literally a racist? Who knows? Maybe they’ll say I’m just defending a racist? That seems to be the level we’ve sunk to in the media these days. Does he have a tendency to say some outrageous things? Absolutely. But at least he has the bravado to say what a lot of people are thinking. Agree or disagree, I can at least respect the man.

Now if it were up to me, I would easily pick Rand Paul out of the current field so far. But he’s currently facing an uphill battle on the bubble right now with the future uncertain. In fact it was just announced that he will not be invited to participate in the pre-caucus debate in Iowa! Apparently, his supposed poll numbers don’t show enough public interest. Not enough interest? He has 1,000 precinct captains in Iowa alone! He won the straw poll at CPAC! And before Trump stole his thunder, he was considered the top candidate to beat Hillary! And now he’s completely ineligible just two weeks before the great Iowa showdown?

Since when did these polls become so infallible anyway? Are these random people really going to show up and vote for so-and-so just because they pushed the #3 button on their telephone? It is the first debate of 2016 in Iowa; a big deal because it is only a few days before our nation’s traditional first caucus. Now we will finally see how well those polls really reflected reality. Now things just got serious… so why are we eliminating two candidates, two weeks before 2016’s first debate? How could we not give all the candidates one more fair chance to make it big at the bellwether?

Whatever you think of Rand Paul, there’s no question that he should be in the top five potential candidates. Think about this for a minute: while he might not be every republican’s first choice, he would probably be in the top 2 or 3, and just about everyone’s top five. And let’s face it, the only five republicans that should even be on stage at this point are Paul, Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Carly Fiorina (the other victim of elimination).

Ben Carson is a good man, but is in over his head. Kasich is an unappealing retread. Christie is a proven failure and wannabe tyrant. And former establishment favorite Jeb! Bush is a hopeless bore-fest. But the good news for the GOP neocons is that they really don’t need Jeb! anymore anyway. The old guard oligarchs can (and will) live vicariously through Marco (the Manchurian) Rubio!

Say what you want about the Republicans, but they have an interesting mix of people and ideas. The Democrats on the other hand, are facing an extinction-level emergency! On the surface, the two most obvious problems being identity and age. We have two major candidates: one is pushing 70, and the other will be 75! Who would have guessed that the top candidates for the Democratic Party in the year 2016 would be just two white people in their 70’s? And their emergency backup Biden will be 74! Wow, what happened to the once proud Democrat Party? How could this possibly be the best they have to offer?

Over the last ten years, the republicans have evolved, while the democrats have devolved. The republicans reinvented themselves with Tea Party and Libertarian-leaning factions. Democrats however, have completely lost their personality. What does it mean to be a democrat these days? One of the candidates is an open socialist, and the other one doesn’t seem to know! Of course their embarrassment of a chairperson (DNC Debbie), failed to deliver an answer about this question not once, but twice! So let me ask you: what is the difference between a Progressive, a Socialist, and a modern-day Democrat? I don’t know either, but it’s definitely not the party of Jefferson or JFK anymore…

As far as the candidates go:

I kind of like Bernie, and I think the majority of his followers have their heart in the right place. However, I don’t think I could ever vote for him. Even though I probably agree with him on more issues than any other candidate; we are so far apart on the others, that he automatically disqualifies himself. The fundamental problem involving the economy; while we could completely agree that crony-capitalism lies at the heart of the problem, our plans to fix it would be vastly contrasted. I see only two solutions: a return to a limited-government, free-market system… or we try something new and innovative. On the flip side, Bernie believes in big-government socialism. Really? Was it socialism that made us the wealthiest, most admired, desired, and most powerful nation on Earth? I get why big corporations are bad, but how would big bureaucracy be any better Bernie?

Hillary on the other hand, represents everything wrong with Washington. Too much baggage, too much corruption, too much controversy. Old, out-of-touch, out-of-bounds. How could anyone believe that someone as entrenched with the establishment as Hillary Clinton could be good for this country? Would things really be any better had she won in 2008? She is as much of a war hawk as the Neo-cons! And does anyone think that she will reform Wall Street or fix the economy? I’m sure the big players that donate to the Clinton foundation will get special treatment, but does anyone else believe that things will get better for the rest of us little people? Besides a lot of scripted talking points and empty promises, what is Hillary going to do for you? It’s very simple: the establishment wants her to win. Wall Street would be thrilled, and Oligarchs world-wide will rejoice! How will that work out for the rest of us? I don’t know about you, but I’d rather not find out…

Let’s be honest, the Bush regime was atrocious. George seemed like a nice enough guy, but Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Rove were rotten to their cores. Then the Obama administration (hope and change) promised to fix the republican mess… except it really just extended the Bush problems while making everything else worse! So spectacular was the Obama disaster, that the ‘left-for-dead’ republicans were resurrected and rose to take everything back over! The democrats lost the House, the Senate, and the States! Sure, there were a few social-issue victories, but just about everything else was an enormous failure, deception, and disappointment. This is no longer the party of Jefferson and JFK. This is the party of Saul Alinsky, endless government, gun-control, global warming, and political ‘correctness.’

Trump might not be my first choice, but he’s an angel compared to Hillary. He also happens to be one of the few candidates that could actually fix our Nation’s monumental problems. After all, this is a man with a reputation for getting things done. He’s also someone that can’t be bought and sold by elites and special interests. He’s smart, seasoned, and an American icon. Is he ideal? Not necessarily. But he could also be a big step in the right direction with a chance for greatness. And that I could live with…