Jerry Sandusky & Joe Paterno Are Innocent! John Ziegler Shares His Research W/ Host Brian Engelman

Nationally-Syndicated Talk Host (Talkers Magazine Top 100), @Mediaite Columnist, Filmmaker, TV guest, Conservative/Libertarian, John Ziegler joins #AgreeToDisagree host Brian Engelman to share his research, and conclusion that Jerry Sandusky, Joe Paterno & Penn State are innocent.

You may remember a few years ago when child molestation allegations were leveled at Sandusky, Paterno & PSU.
Well,…John started off believing the official narrative, and after interviewing Sandusky in prison, and digging into the “facts” of the case, he has completely changed his mind about the entire crazy mess.
Listen to John lay out the case, and let us know if you “Agree” or “Disagree” & why.

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Rand Paul, Filibuster, Drones, N. Korea, Guns, & Hugo Chavez, W/ Blake Walley & Brian Engelman

Host Brian Engelman once again welcomes special guest co-host Blake “The Eccentric” Walley to the “Agree To Disagree” program.
We ask if you “Agree” or “Disagree” with the following statements:
– The life & actions of Hugo Chavez should be celebrated?
Agree or Disagree?
– It is time for John McCain & Lindsey Graham to leave government immediately?
Agree or Disagree?
– Rand Paul is the front runner for 2016 U.S. President?
Agree or Disagree?
– Possible drone killings of Americans are a reason for concern?
Agree or Disagree?
– College students should be allowed to carry guns on campus for self defense?
Agree or Disagree?
– The domestic arms buildup by DHS could signal trouble for the American public?
Agree or Disagree?
– The Rant Paul filibuster was a turning point in American politics?
Agree or Disagree?
– We should thank Eric Holder for the filibuster blowback?
Agree or Disagree?
– Kim Jung Un’s preemptive nuclear threats should be taken seriously?
Agree or Disagree?

Please Agreee or Disagree with a one word answer & 1 singular sentence explaining why.

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