The Colin Kaepernick Schtick Has Worn Thin. Brian Engelman On The Anthem Controversy.

#ColinKaepernick has every right to decline standing to honor the awesome country that created an environment where he could earn one hundred and fourteen MILLION dollars from playing a kid’s game.
He can be a “representative of the African community”, even though he is half white, and was raised by white adoptive parents after his black father ran from his responsibilities.
He can make stereotypical, vague, insulting, racist, anti-white statements if he wants to.
Fans can also root against him, and call him out just like we did when Browns RB Isaiah Crowell tweeted out a disgusting cop killer meme right around the time of the Dallas police assassinations.
My main complaint is that he needs to be specific.
A few cherry picked cases that get 24/7 coverage on MSNBC, does not prove that everything everywhere is racist all of the time.
That schtick has worn out it’s welcome.
America is a mostly amazing place that is filled with endless opportunities for people and families that work hard, and make solid decisions.
Colin, there are always ways to improve life in the U.S.A, and some very real problems do exist.
But this isn’t 1860. This isn’t 1960.
You play in a league that is 69% black (according to the most recent 2014 numbers), and have made a boat load of money doing so.
When Walter Scott was shot and killed by former officer Michael Slager in South Carolina a few months ago, he was fired and charged with murder,…as he should have.
I like to think that in America, we get a lot of the easy cases right, however,….. like the Kelly Thomas case,….sometimes we get it wrong. (Watch and listen to the video if you dare.)
Perhaps most importantly, sometimes we desperately need more facts BEFORE rushing to judgment.
We must demand that all police officers wear body cameras (that cannot be turned off) at all times to give us more information, that will protect both police and civilian alike.
But be specific. Don’t just give me:
“America is racist.”
Go ask fellow professional athlete Dwyane Wade about what happened when his cousin was recently shot and killed in Chicago.
Did it happen because of the injustices toward people of color, or was it the result of infringing on the rights of the good people of Chicago to carry their 2nd amendment protected firearms, mixed with the justice system letting violent monsters back onto the streets far too soon?
Call out a case, and let’s hash out and separate: what we CAN PROVE,… from what we THINK might have happened.
This is crucial.
Defend and argue these issues in a specific way.
We deserve at least that much.
We also deserve more respect than to constantly have to defend ourselves from baseless accusations.
And regardless of what both Democrats & Republicans have asked our brave men and women to do over the past few centuries,…they deserve more respect than what you provided.
They have given EVERYTHING to defend your right to toss around a ball in exchange for more than a HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS.
Many of these service members are battling PTSD, and are dying on fake waiting lists at the disgusting and disgraceful V.A. facilities.
Protest THAT.
That we can PROVE.
That is a FACT!
Call me old fashioned if you will,……but I’m much more likely to defend a military member, than a spoiled professional athlete any day of the week.
Brian, -TNAM-


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